Why Wooden Toys are the Best Choice for Montessori Parents

Maria Montessori believed that children should be surrounded by beautiful and inspiring toys made of natural materials such as wood. The wood grain adds natural patterns to toys and your baby will absorb this organic effect. Even when painted, the texture of the wood adds depth and nuance to the color in a way that colored plastic doesn't. Maria Montessori believed in giving young children beautiful toys because they are forming themselves and because they have a mind that absorbs their environment without any filter.

Truly beautiful toys will enhance this developmental experience. Wood is beautiful in a way that man-made materials never will be, and by giving your little one this beauty, you'll feed their young mind with the best materials. The Plan Toys 50-block set is perfect for unlimited play, whether building, learning, stacking or just playing. For an economical option, we suggest the Edushape See-Me 4-inch sensory balls.

The Plan Toys 50-block set is high on our list because these blocks are simple, easy to use and perfect for manipulating. The basic blocks are perfect for building, learning, stacking and playing. The open nature of the blocks allows for endless fun and is suitable for children of all ages. Made of 100% wood, the 50-piece set includes blocks of 11 different shapes.

If Montessori toys are especially important to your family, the Lovevery subscription kit is a sure-fire way to incorporate age-appropriate toys into your child's life. If purchased just once, the 50-block set Plan Toys is a fun toy for all ages and will provide plenty of open play time for the whole family. Maya appreciates open play toys, which are simple and fun for her three children, so maybe she's more Montessori-based than you would have thought. The reason for this is the chemicals used to cause these plastic toys to leak into the child's digestive system and, eventually, into his bloodstream.

Simply enter your baby's date of birth and the kit will arrive at your door with toys ready to play. This allows your little one to absorb what this means while exploring toys of different shapes and sizes. Montessori toys are simple and are usually made of natural materials and are rooted in reality (so think of butterflies rather than fairies). Created to address specific developmental milestones and skills, these toys serve a purpose, but they still offer a lot of fun.

Montessori classroom teachers offer age-appropriate activities for students, but they have the freedom to make their own decisions about how they want to learn and express their creativity through group and individual activities and games. There are only toys that lend themselves to the development of certain concepts, just like the materials in a Montessori learning environment. Placing wooden toys (or even plastic ones) on the shelves will make them even more attractive to your child. So why go back in time when it comes to toys? Don't children with wooden toys seem to be deprived of the educational and action-packed benefits offered by many plastic toys? By choosing toys that reflect the world your child lives in, you'll encourage them to develop their imagination naturally during their first six years of life.

Monti Kids takes special care to ensure that even the varnish used in finished wooden toys is water-based and non-toxic, so that it has a neutral impact on the baby's health. Montessori parents have an array of options when it comes to choosing toys for their children; from traditional plastic ones with lights, buttons, music etc., or open wooden ones that allow for endless fun while developing certain concepts like building, learning or stacking. Wooden toys are not only beautiful but also durable; some of the first toys discovered were made of wood! They're also healthy and safe; Maria Montessori preferred real toys made of natural materials such as wood because they are inspiring for children.

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