The Benefits of Wooden Montessori Toys

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that toys should be beautiful, and that beautiful toys improved a child's experience and environment. He believed that these toys gave them a better idea of the importance of natural materials in life from an early age. We've prepared this list of the 16 best Montessori wooden toys that also make great birthday gifts for your little one.

Montessori prefers toys made of wood and other natural materials, as they allow imaginative play and encourage exploration. They're also safer, as they're free of chemicals that can be found in plastic. Choose toys made from natural materials whenever possible. A rattle made of wood or metal will give your baby much more information about your world than a plastic one.These wooden toys are unique.

Made of 100% beech wood, they are characterized by a beautiful, natural look and great durability. The wood with which they are created comes from reliable and responsible producers. Thanks to this, the products are environmentally friendly and do not have a negative impact on the environment. Every toy and ornament that comes out of the carpentry workshop is made with great care and attention to detail.More specifically, touching wood physically calms children down, meaning that playing with wooden toys can have a neurological impact on a child's brain.

The open nature of wooden toys allows children to create their own ways to play and spend more time with just one toy.Traditional and simple wooden toy made with natural materials, which encourages creative play and ensures the sustainable development of children. Because wooden toys tend to be simpler, they also help cognitive milestones in ways that flashy toys simply can't. Environmentally friendly, good-quality wooden toys also do not contain PVC, phthalates or similar chemicals used in plastic toys.Montessori toys tend to avoid plastic in exchange for the more natural material of wood or silicone. Wooden toys can be passed down from generation to generation with less fear of the item breaking like a similar toy made of plastic.

Yes, a determined baby or toddler can make noise with anything ???? but wooden toys tend to be quieter and allow for a quieter play environment free from the noise (not to mention lights and movement) than many plastic toys.A simple, beautifully designed wooden toy can capture a child's interest without overwhelming them and inspire their imagination without directing it. Blocks and other wooden toys can be converted into anything a child wants them to be, and they can follow the child's development from simple symbolic play to complex imaginative play.Wooden toys are a natural choice for these spaces, as they are often stackable, easy to clean and attractive to display. The minimalist spaces in Montessori and Waldorf homes and classrooms show this philosophy in action; they tend to include a more limited selection of versatile and open wooden toys. Simple wooden toys teach quiet and peaceful lessons in physics, cause and effect, object permanence, creativity, problem solving and many other fundamental topics.The durability of wooden Montessori toys also means that a toy can provide continuous learning and development for years, unlike plastic toys that are likely to break soon.

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