The Benefits of Wooden Toys for Children

Wooden toys are often considered a better choice for children than plastic toys due to their durability, safety, developmental benefits, and respect for the environment. Simple wooden toys can teach children quiet and peaceful lessons in physics, cause and effect, object permanence, creativity, problem solving, and many other fundamental topics. Wooden toys are generally quieter than plastic toys, allowing for a quieter play environment. According to the QCI report, up to 30% of plastic toys did not meet safety standards for admissible levels of phthalates, heavy metals, etc.

Even the biggest American toy manufacturers have been caught using unpleasant conditions and manufacturing toy products with harsh chemicals, such as lead.I love using Plantoys as an example. They are passionate about child safety and manufacture some of the safest toys in the world. PlanToys exceed international safety standards and have the ISO 9001 & 14001 environmental management standard. They have received many prestigious awards for their environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.Wooden toys often encourage children to use their imaginations and to solve problems while they play.

For example, a wooden block game allows a child to build and create, while a wooden puzzle helps develop fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Wooden toys are built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday play without breaking or wearing out as easily as plastic toys. This means that you can feel good about investing in wooden toys, knowing that they will last for many years.Great for the senses, even painted or lacquered wooden toys have a solid and relaxing appeal that plastic toys can't reproduce. Wooden toys don't have electronic parts or voice commands to tell your child what to do.

Drying them in natural sunlight is a particularly good way to kill leftover germs (although be careful in very bright sunlight, which can cause some wooden toys to lose color or crack).In conclusion, wooden toys are a fantastic option for children of all ages. They are educational, durable, eco-friendly, timeless and versatile. Legacy Toys has a wide selection of eco-friendly wooden toys to choose from when shopping for your loved ones. If you're looking for new toys for your child, consider choosing wooden options; you won't be disappointed.

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