How to Safely Clean and Disinfect Wooden Toy Blocks

Wooden toys can be a great investment for your child, providing a life of open, creative and imaginary play. To ensure that your wooden toys last for years to come, it is important to clean and disinfect them regularly. The best way to safely clean and disinfect wooden toys is to use 100% ecological vinegar, diluted with water. For toys that are very dirty, you can use a soap and water solution, either mild dish soap or Castile soap.

You only need a drop or two of soap in a bowl or in a sink of water. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar work well for cleaning. When it comes to disinfecting wooden toys, never use cleaning products for wooden furniture or disinfecting wipes. These products would be toxic to your child.

Instead, prepare a solution of vinegar and water and use one of the methods mentioned above to clean wooden toys. If you have a lot of dirty toys (wooden blocks), for example, you can submerge them briefly in a sink full of water. All PoppyBabyco wooden toys are finished with food-grade linseed oil, except for those that specify “unfinished”. The most you can do is pick up the toy and spray it with some kind of disinfectant before returning it to your little one, just to see how the process is repeated.

Don't use toxic wood bitumen on children's wooden toys, as they usually put them in their mouths.Unlike bacteria that multiply on the surface of plastic toys and require harsh, irritating chemicals to eliminate them, wooden toys naturally “clean themselves”.To keep your wooden toys in good condition and avoid any infection, remember to wash them frequently with a damp cloth or a solution of vinegar and water. With proper care, your wooden blocks and toys will provide a life of open, creative and imaginary play.

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