Why Wooden Toys are the Best Choice for Toddlers

When it comes to choosing toys for toddlers, wooden toys are often the best option. Not only are they more durable and environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts, but they also offer a greater sensory experience and help to develop a child's fine motor skills. Wooden toys are also safer than plastic toys, as they do not contain PVC, phthalates, or other harsh chemicals. Wooden toys teach quiet and peaceful lessons in physics, cause and effect, object permanence, creativity, problem solving and many other fundamental topics.

They are also quieter than plastic toys, allowing for a quieter play environment. Wooden toys offer children a greater sensory experience than plastic toys, as wood has more texture and offers beautiful veins to observe rather than just plain colors. In addition, wood tends to offer a pleasant scent, while plastic does not.When it comes to safety, wooden toys are the clear winner. According to the QCI report, up to 30% of plastic toys did not meet safety regulations on the admissible levels of phthalates, heavy metals, etc.

Even the biggest American toy manufacturers have been caught using unpleasant conditions and selling toy products with harsh chemicals, such as lead.PlanToys is an excellent example of a company that manufactures some of the safest wooden toys in the world. They exceed international safety standards and have the ISO 9001 & 14001 standard for environmental management. They pay close attention to the safety regulations of their production processes and manufacture in a way that is environmentally friendly.Wooden toys are also great for developing a baby's fine motor skills. The tactile and attractive nature of toys, such as the Classic World Caterpillar or the Rocking Pounding Bench, make them ideal for this purpose.

In addition, research shows that young children play for longer and at greater depth when offered a small amount of wooden toys.In conclusion, wooden toys are generally considered a better option for children because of their durability, safety, developmental benefits and respect for the environment. When selecting wooden toys for your toddler, be sure to look for educational ones that keep your little one stimulated and entertained while safely developing their mental and motor skills.

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